Friday, June 27, 2014

Pachi's Anime Review - Kill la Kill

A very late, late evening to all of you! I seem to have lost my way and unfortunately haven't provided any updates in awhile; well I'm fixing that tonight. Sit back and pop yourself some popcorn, 'cuz tonight's review is a long one. Follow the jump below to read my thoughts on the recently completed Studio Trigger action extravaganza Kill la Kill, one of my favorite series of the past year! Hope you enjoy!

P.S. I realize my Review page has been an organizational mess forever, so I tweaked it a bit so it's a little neater. Still not anywhere close to how I want it to appear, but at least I'm not ignoring the blog's cleanliness!


I don't mention this in the review, but one of my favorite aspects of Kill la Kill was how several characters exhibited their own unique visual motifs, such as lighting and backdrop. For this drawing I decided to take my three favorite characters from the show (Satsuki, Mako, and Mikisugi) and make their unique lighting clash. Making the lighting work around each character but also blend into the remainder of the drawing in after-effects was really hard yet enriching experience. It's a lot harder to draw Mako's "HAAAA-LLE-LU-JAH~" arm pose than you might think. Also I apologize if you take offense to radiating penguin nipples. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pachi's Anime Review - Space Brothers

Eat your vegetables, and don't forget to share them with your friends! You'll be healthier AND happier! All this and more on a special educational edition of Pachi's Portrait! Brought to you by the letter C.

But seriously, welcome back! I haven't seen you since April. Don't worry - there are at least two more reviews for shows that wrapped up during the Winter '14 season on the way following tonight's release. I decided to postpone this review to this week because it's the week of my birthday, and the show I am presenting you with tonight is one very close to my heart. Imagine if I got the gumption to review a beast like Fullmetal Alchemist - that's basically what tonight's review is like for me. So no pressure!

Quick announcement! On the weekend of the 23rd (the weekend after this one), I will be attending my local convention in Raleigh, NC, Animazement! I won't be wearing any particular cosplay, but a surefire way to spot me is by my tote bag in which my Penguindrum #2 penguin (aka my avatar) hitches a ride all about. If you spot us, feel free to say hi! I'm looking forward to another fun convention year!

Without further ado, take the jump below the linear notes to check out my newest anime review, covering the 99-episode Space Brothers! This is the longest series I've covered yet and took my quite awhile to formulate my thoughts on it just the way I wanted. Hope you enjoy!


This drawing pays tribute to the after-episode segment that began airing late during Space Brothers' run: Mr. Hibbit. Mr. Hibbit is a light-hearted series of children's anime shorts chronicling the adventures of anthropomorphized woodland creatures on a quest to become astronauts. I felt my penguin avatar would mesh perfectly into this world of astronautical critters, so I donned him in the suit and sent him to town. Often in my drawings I find myself spending a considerable amount of time on shading and after-effects; it was nice to work on one that purposefully avoided such intricacies for a change. Bright, colorful, and positive, it warms my heart just as much as Space Brothers and Mr. Hibbit does. So I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I think my favorite is Freddie Dog. He always looks so cool.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pachi's Anime Review - Beyond the Boundary

At last, we've reached the finale of the 2013 Anime the end of March. ^^; That took me WAY too long to finish, and I apologize. Thankfully the timing is perfect, as many new shows have just wrapped up along with the Winter '14 season, so I've got plenty of content to cover down the road. For now, I'm concluding the Retrospective with a look at one of my least favorite shows from last year, Beyond the Boundary. Read on and enjoy my displeasure! :D

*Note: This particular review contains some spoilers, as I have alluded to occasionally including in the past. Consider this your warning. (The tell is that I'm much more likely to include spoilers in a review if it's of a show I dislike)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pachi's Anime Review - Watamote

Welcome to another Retrospective Review day! Just one more and then we'll jump back into the regular review format for the continuing 2014 anime season. Read on for my look at Watamote!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pachi's Anime Review - Meganebu

It's a double review Sunday! Next up is the colorful escapades of the most eccentric school club, Meganebu!  Again, as per the new design, please expand this post to see the full review.

Originally there were going to be three more reviews for the 2013 Retrospective, but in light of the Winter '14 season about to come to a close and to lessen my load, I'm only going to do two more. The remaining Retrospective reviews will be of Watamote and Beyond the Boundary, both of which I hope to have up in a week's time. No promises, but I'm going to do my best!

Pachi's Anime Review - Mushibugyo!

Good day, everyone! New reviews are coming today, but the format of reviews from now on will be a little bit different. In my infinite wisdom, I did not realize a standard Blogger account has a limit of Static Pages. Welp, I've hit that limit! So from now on, reviews will have to be embedded into posts, denoted by "Read More" expandable sections so the blog isn't overrun constantly by long review posts. Total derp on me, but without further ado, here is the next review of my 2013 Anime Retrospective, Mushibugyo! Enjoy! ^_^

Also! I didn't make a main page post about it, but I put up my Retrospective review for Valvrave the Liberator some time ago. Check that one out, too~!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pachi's 2013 Anime Retrospective Part 1 - Looking Back and Attack on Titan
It's here, it's finally here! It's taken me forever and is STILL taking me forever, but the first installment of my 2013 Anime Retrospective is here! Hooray! x_____x

I find a lot of people tend to be cynical when they look back on an extended period of time for any type of media or pasttime - they might enjoy a few things but then when they look back, they give a resounding, "Meh, overall it sucked," but I don't feel that way about the anime of 2013 at all. Overall, I'd say it was a pretty damn good year for anime, though there were plenty of duds as usual. And I will be covering a couple of those, don't worry!

Anyway, to apologize for taking so long to get started on this special reviewing event, I decided to hunker down and get the biggun out to you, the review of my Retrospective list that's arguably the best of them all, though if you feel different, let me know! Without further ado, click the link ahead to check out my review of Attack on Titan! Enjoy! :D

Attack on Titan

As for the rest of the reviews, they'll be coming......soon? I hope. ^^; I'll likely only do one or two at a time so I don't go nuts, but now that the art is out of the way, the reviews themselves should come through with less distraction. If you want to know what's coming, well, just take a gander at the art above, and you'll figure it out. ;)


Please please PLEASE click on the "Larger Version" link for the above art, 'cuz it's a giant piece and it looks so much better when you can see it bigger. I slaved endlessly on this one. Ever since Attack on Titan aired, I knew my Retrospective would have to be Titan-themed. And then I realized I'd need to draw every character in AoT themed uniforms, which caused a mini-panic attack. I don't trust my ability to draw all of that perfectly in one go, so I drew each character separately and then added them to the background which was also drawn independently. So if it looks like some characters have different outline thickness than others.....that's because they do and I slapped this all together like patchwork. >_< But I'm real happy with it. It took forever, and despite the many many mistakes I made on the uniforms, I wouldn't change a thing. ^^