Monday, August 10, 2015

Pachi's Anime Review - Tokyo Ghoul

Tonight's review is very special to me. In the past year, few series have touched me so emotionally as Tokyo Ghoul. I put it on a level close to Fullmetal Alchemist - in that they are narrative giants with many perspectives to share told through the lens of a single, insular character study. For rating it so highly, I must treat it just as highly as a review, and so the content of this review is a bit different than normal.

I've said before that I will occasionally drop spoilers in reviews if I think there is no way around them. In this instance, this review is really more of a discussion and exhaustive round-up of the take away meanings in Tokyo Ghoul's complete narrative and the mental journey of protagonist Ken Kaneki. What that means is I will be spoiling events of the story, major events, from the first to the very last episode. Most reviews I write serve to suggest a show to a potential viewer. This time, I just want to *talk* about Tokyo Ghoul because I love it so much, and that's what I'm going to do. So consider it a primer that you need to be someone who has watched both seasons of Tokyo Ghoul in full before reading this review, as I share my lens with those who can consent with or argue against my interpretation. I apologize if this isolates anyone. The first few paragraphs are staunchly spoiler-free and I mention in the text where spoilers become open season.

With that long weaving of personal excuses out of the way, click on ahead to give my discussion of Tokyo Ghoul a read! I hope you enjoy it and are engaged to think by it. :)


This is another case of a vision in my head that is not even close to satisfied in reality with my level of talent, but I think this one was closer than most. In the end I should have been less conservative with shadows - a darker contrast against pervading light suits the mood of the show better. Kaneki's thematic positioning in the piece doesn't come across as cold as I'd imagined. I'm very happy with Touka's hair, though. I put extra time in to give her deserved detail.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pachi's Paraphernalia: On the Coast of Costa Rica

Alright, gang. I'm not happy with the state of affairs around here. Nothing but anime as far as the eye can see. What happened to this place? I used to post about all kinds of stuff unrelated to Japanese culture! My hobbies, observations about the world, my childhood - life! I'm putting my foot down. The yen stops here.

That's not to say anime reviews are going to stop or that they're going to stop being the focus of this blog - these will continue unhindered. But as I have promised to make more posts dedicated solely to my art (which I've failed to follow through with so far) I'm going to not only promise to make more posts concerning other happenings in my life, I'm going to make good on that promise immediately with one right now in a new blog segment: Pachi's Paraphernalia, wherein I talk about anything else that's not centered around Japanese animation or otherwise. We're going to start it up by covering my experiences on a trip I took last month to beautiful Costa Rica.

Does this mean I will be posting additional write-ups such as these more often? Heck no, I'm as lazy and unresponsive as ever!

Click one of the links below to go read about a specific portion of the trip, or just follow the jump at the bottom to start from the beginning. There's also a link to my photobucket page containing more pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Day 0
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

More Images

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pachi's Anime Review - Parasyte

Good evening, all. I've got a lot of stuff planned in the works, so don't worry! Life is super busy right now as I am exploring the world of real estate and wow is it frustrating. But also a great learning experience! Anyway, let's unwind from the ills of everyday monotony by indulging in some body horror action with tonight's review: Parasyte - the maxim -. Enjoy! Or be grossed out. Either is appropriate.

This might be one of the easiest drawings I've ever done. I can replicate Migi, who itself is just a bunch of curved, amorphous squiggles? Caaaaaan do! Imagine a little penguin with a parasite stuck in its flipper, wandering around of two minds completely befuddled. So adorable. So sad.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pachi's Anime Review - Chaika the Coffin Princess

Greetings to my first proper post of 2015 (3 months in). Now that I'm not consistently sick as a dog from the most persistent cold ever nor spending my time either engrossed with my job or engrossed in doing nothing, I can get back to proper reviews, and we're starting off with one of my favorite fantasy series of last year that wasn't Rage of Bahamut: Genesis. Read on ahead for my take on Chaika the Coffin Princess!


Just when I thought I was running out of ways to insert a penguin into anime (realistically there's never a shortage of ways anime can include penguins), I get the opportunity to draw a penguin in an intricate dress. Chaika's outfit is one of those designs that is both inspiring and painful to look at - it's appealing and unique, but comes with the stipulation that you'd have to draw it over and over again. I'm thankful I only had to draw it once! Honestly I think I've made Chaika less cute by turning her into a penguin.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Pachi's 2014 Anime Retrospective, Finale - Space Dandy

We made it! The dredges of Mahouka are behind us, and all that's left beyond it is ever-expanding space! Space, the final frontier, a metaphor for the possibilities that exist in artistic thought, where we're never truly out of ideas. For me there was one particular series that encapsulated that ideal, that space is the place where concepts can run wild and break barriers. One particular series which, for me, was my favorite anime of 2014 and what I consider the most influential anime of the year, and in fact of several other recent years. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I am so pleased you have followed along on my journey back through 2014; there was laughter, disappointment, joy, and just pure hatred. It was a year of many ups and downs. I hope you have enjoyed this year's Retrospective and will continue to support my reviews. I do them for myself and for those who take the time to read them. Even if you don't like my reviews or don't agree with them, I thank you for reading them at all. That's all I need. Regular reviews will resume as soon as I can get off my butt to write them - already I have a few contenders in mind that just finished up. Happy New Year, welcome to 2015, and without further ado, I give you Space Dandy.

One last thing. In a later section of this review, I discuss what could be considered spoilers, but they are out-of-context conceptual bits of information as relating to the character of Space Dandy and his thematic purpose - I don't directly give away events from the show, but those who have watched it in full will know what I'm referencing. Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to give my complete analysis of his character without making this particular reference, so I have marked the place in the review if you wish to skip it. I highly suggest you read it anyway because I put a lot of thought into the analysis and find it meaningful. It is at your discretion whether you skip it or not.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pachi's 2014 Anime Retrospective, Part 4 - The Irregular at Magic High School

This is a very special moment for me, here on Pachi's Portrait. For the first time ever, I have the golden opportunity to review a "most". An anime that is #1 on one of my personal attribute lists. That anime is called The Irregular at Magic High School, or Mahouka for short. I'm not going to say which "most" this show is, but you'll likely be able to guess as you read on. Some of you likely already know the legacy this show left behind and know exactly what to expect from my analysis. To you, I hope solace from the pain is found here. I haven't been so heated and passionate in a review since Sword Art Online, so that'll give you an idea.

So please, join me as we dive into a deep dark crevice. I promise there will be a light at the end of the tunnel - the final Retrospective review is waiting for us in the far reaches of an infinite universe. Let's dredge through this crap to break through to tomorrow. This is...The Irregular at Magic High School.

Pachi's 2014 Anime Retrospective, Part 3 - Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

Good morning folks, thanks for checking in early! Today marks the third day of the 2014 Anime Retrospective, and due to my botched scheduling, there will be TWO, count 'em, TWO reviews coming at you on this fine New Year's Eve. The first will be the fantasy epic with visions of Hollywood in its eyes, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis. This evening will feature a show which I have a no doubt highly contested opinion of, Mahouka (The Irregular at Magic High School). I'm saving the crap for when more people are awake because I honestly believe that review is the most entertaining out of the bunch. Lest that be said, I do not intend to pull attention from Bahamut, as that is one I hold dear to my heart and wish to share. Scroll on down to see my thoughts!

Mild spoilers for the culmination of certain characters' arcs and relationships exist in this review, so be wary!